Friday, December 6, 2013

Remmington Hot Springs

    Made it to these hot springs without incident. Here, or down the road a little from here in Lake Isabella, is where I'll go my own way. Back in Santa Cruz, at the tea house, I felt things move into place and I was able to accept the dissapointment with working this winter. I'm done, not looking back, still a bit of regret but I won't think about it much I don't think. I can't get a new bike, but I have enough money in the bank to live comfortably for a while.

  It's freezing out. I washed my skirt in the springs and it froze on the way back. Luna is out and about, but Dootsie is over it. The springs could be hotter - makes me want Slab City or Gila hot springs, but they're on the rushing Kern river, the stars are bright, the company is good. Jaira and I got pretty far away trying to find them, first. They're a short walk, but we walked the wrong way. It was nice, then good, then exhausting, a bit worrisome, then just sort of ridiculous and funny with how we had do so much climbing to get back up to the road. Then we found the springs and soaked and scrubbed, played music and talked about UFOs for a good long while. Getting out was difficult. Felt like scraping dead skin off forever. I've not been able to immerse in warm water for months. It's been a bit since I've showered, too - not as long as the rest of the crew, but long enough.

   We're up in the Sierras, by the way. The Sequoia National Forest, a region I've never visited. There is a good bus parking spot at the trailhead. Hopefully we'll all want to stay for a few days.

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