Thursday, December 5, 2013

I-5 Rest Area, California

    Sat in Safeway for a few hours this morning, remembering some CSS and making this look good. Less bikey, less cutesy then the old one. I'm going to start using this[personal journal] as something of a rough draft for a[this] public one - less limited to town names and pictures, more of all my life, information, philosophy, good camping spots, recipes and ideas, herbal medicine, the whole picture. I still like naming my posts after where I end my day, can't change that. It'll be a long list of places, soon. I'm more dedicated this time.

    It's been nearly six months now since I got on the bus in Montana. I think I'll be in Death Valley soon, after the parting of the ways somewhere maybe near Lake Isabella. I feel I have something important to do there, a realization to undergo, so I'm going to try to not just bomb my way to Quartzsite. I have plenty of food, warm enough things, a didgeridoo, hula hoop, mushrooms, tea with pleasant memories. I'm not bringing any fictional books. Reading is fine, good, gives me a good vocabulary and new ideas, but it also takes me away from myself a bit and I don't want to be tempted to just pass time reading in the long hours of dark.

   Been laying on my bunk, living in a flying cabin watching the freeway at night with Luna curled up by my head. Happy to have a backpack now, feel more free when I can carry the important bits of stuff on foot. Going to miss riding the bus for a bit, excited to move myself again, too.

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