Friday, December 6, 2013

I-5 Rest Area

    Last night I was watching the reflection of Brennan playing guitar in the window. After a while, I forgot my placement in the bus. I went ahead and assumed I was not laying in my bunk looking at the window, but standing at the position of the window, looking at Brennan. Lost myself a bit, there.

    Luna got out and romped around the rest area all night. Good for her, maybe she'll be happy in the bus today. It seems likely that the other cat, Dootsie, may be growing kittens. She's about the age, and vanished into a trailer park for three days some weeks ago. Not feeling too okay about it, they're like little cosmic karma chain reaction kittens filling up a world already overpopulated by unkept cats. Still kind of want a kitten despite my best arguments against it. Hopefully they don't all spend hours a day excavating the poop in the litter box like Dootsie.

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